Who We Are

Assessment Systems has empowered Clients with computerized testing system since 1979. We exist to supply best-in-class software platforms and consulting services to support high-quality measurement in completely scalable solutions. Whether you need a user-friendly item banking system, secure test delivery or desire to out-source your high-stakes exam, Assessment Systems Solutions improve your success.

Trust the flexibility of fast test

FastTest is a best-in-class comprehensive online assessment management system built off our 35+ years of computer-based testing and item banking experience. FastTest is designed for any size organization that is looking to control their entire test development process through a convenient user-friendly online experience.

Core Values

We are a team that values everybody’s contribution
The best solution wins regardless of who the solution came from.

  • Collaborate
  • We Adapt
  • We drive change
  • We do the right thing
  • We measure Data rules everything around me
  • We dream


  • Item banking
  • Test assembly
  • Test delivery
  • Reporting

Extending Access:
Internet Test Development

Allow the best subject matter experts to join the development team – wherever they live -saving time away from the classroom.

Facilitate existing items using a batch upload process

Make better test design decisions based on a full view of item details such as author, reference material, learning level and item performance statistics



Order of presentation may the same on every test, or maybe varied across responses, items, or test sections


Items may be selected from a pool of items based on content area selections to reduce cheating and copying


Saves testing time and make tests more precise and meaningful to both Candidate with high potential and those still developing their skills.



Select time and location allowed for each test


Candidate sees the same test format at home or at association center


Use association’s computers or allow candidate to provide their own devices


  • Easy access to data exports
  • Student scores
  • Scores for all candidates
  • Department comparisons
  • Grand Results


Certifior is our industry leading platform designed to manage all the operational aspects of testing programs, from candidate management to or remote Proctored Delivery to recertification.

Certification management & Proctored Delivery

  • Automatically schedule and confirm with test locations within the assessment systems test network
  • Deliver tests securely in the test centers
  • Establish a branded sub-domain at your certifior.com
  • Specify registration information such as pre requisites and exam pricing
  • Determine examinee communications
  • Process examinee registrations
  • Collect payment
  • Display or email initial examinee feedback reports
  • Provide official letters, certificates, photos, ID’s, and other tangible indicators of accomplishment to examinees that pass the exam
  • Manage examinees
  • Report on important aspects as such as marketing, psychometrics, and accounting.

Certification and Licensure

Create your own solution: item banking, test delivery, proctored networks, registration, recertification, and a comprehensive platform to manage it all.

  • College Board Puerto Rico
  • American Board of Pathology
  • American Board of Optometry
  • Brocade
  • Exemplar Global
  • Institute for Functional Medicine
  • International Federation of Biosafety
  • Minnesota Department of Agriculture
  • National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
  • OptumHealth Distance Learning Network
  • Philips Healthcare
  • Zebra Technologies (fka Motorola Solutions)

College Board – Puerto Rico

The College Board of Puerto Rico y America Latina (CBPRAL) has partnered with ASC to utilize our FastTest platform to manage their large-scale assessment programs. CBPRAL has 1600 staff and delivers a range of assessments across the Spanish-speaking world. The project has started by transferring tens of thousands of items from the previous system to FastTest, which can now be used for item review and form assembly. While FastTest can be used to deliver tests online, CBPRAL typically delivers tests on paper because of restricted access to technology in certain stakeholder countries. FastTest provides a sound platform for CBPRAL to upload datasets from paper delivery for automated scoring and reporting, including item response theory. CBRPAL will begin to use FastTest for authoring and review of future items and test forms.


K-12, Higher Ed, and Continuing Ed – All leveraging next-gen assessment like tech-enhanced items and adaptive testing.

  • Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational and Educational and Training (ACTVET)
  • Botswana Examinations Council
  • Charles County (MD) School District
  • Educational Assessment Australia
  • Georgia Center for Assessment
  • Iceland Ministry of Education
  • Michigan State University
  • Singapore Ministry of Education
  • University of Cape Town


For the past 3 years, ASC has partnered with the Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) for assessment development, delivery, and analytics. ACTVET is a governmental organization for national educational assessment in the United Arab Emirates, especially in the 12+ and college prep area. They transitioned from paper to online delivery when starting with ASC, quickly ramping up to delivering 100,000 tests per year. They also deliver the teacher certification exams for the country, an example of how FastTest can be used for quite different assessment programs within the same organization. ACTVET makes extensive use of tech-enhanced items and open-response items in addition to traditional formats, which are collaboratively developed by content experts and then delivered reliably in our platform. Results are analyzed and scored with the Rasch model, including facet models, an example of the strong psychometrics that our partners leverage to drive quality assessment.

Charles County Public School (CCPS)

ASC has partnered with Charles County (MD) Public Schools to provide an assessment development, delivery, and analytics platform which allows them to effectively run a mid-size testing company from the district office. With stakeholders of 25,000 students, 3,000 staff, dozens of content experts, and over a hundred testing programs, CCPS is dedicated to providing quality assessment. Staff collaboratively develop test content and publish it for delivery via paper (small programs) or online (large programs, intended to mimic PARCC with tech-enhanced items). All essay responses are marked online by staff, directly in our platform. All results are analyzed with item response theory by a full-time in-house PhD psychometrician, with scaled scoring reported to district staff via a complex BI portal. The portal is also used to drive formative feedback, such as informing teachers how students in their class performed on each item, bringing the assessment process full circle to drive instruction

Does your organization administer tests to a large number of potential employees?
Adaptive testing will reduce that time by half.

  • Biddle Consulting Group
  • CA Commission on Peace Officer Training
  • City and County of San Francisco
  • City of Los Angeles
  • New Jersey Civil Service
  • Singapore Ministry of Defence Viriphi

Why deliver tests the same way they were delivered 2000 years ago?

Trust the experts in CAT.
In the 1970s our team helped design and develop the first Computerized Adaptive Test for the US Department of Defense. This innovation revolutionized testing not only making it fairer, but also faster.
FastTest is first online assessment platform that allows YOU to create the fairest and fastest assessments in the world backed by automated psychometrics (the Science of Assessment).

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