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Partnerships that can Transform Universities

July 3, 2018
How to develop regional, global university and local government partnerships that drive value to the partners and the community. a) Regional universities Middle East has some centers of excellence (and volume of universities and students) that should be tapped carefully …

Banking 3.0 – Powered by Fintech

June 19, 2018
A white paper on the generational impact of Fintech in banking and the workforce retraining approach required June 2018 Author: Ajay Shukla Contents Executive Summary Rationale Partnerships Innovation Learning Design Approach Conclusions and recommendations Executive Summary A new innovation in …

Digital Education Market

June 19, 2018
Digital Education Market Market insights and perspectives for digital education companies June 2018 Contents Executive Summary Strategic importance of continuing education Global e-learning market Geographical insights Key product segments and characteristics Customer segments and recommendations Future trends (Game changers) – …