About Caucasus International University

CIS offers affordable Programs in Medicine & Dentistry!

Caucasus International University (CIU) – LLC was founded 23 years ago in 1995. The university was founded as a medical institute “Clinitsist” in 1995. The university received a license from the Ministry of Education of Republic of Georgia in the same year. In 2005 it was granted Accreditation by Accreditation Council of Higher Education Institution.

Caucasus International University is an educational-scientific institution that supports socio-economic progress, and develops values of Georgian and world culture based on modern knowledge. Caucasus International University creates modern learning and scientific environment by implementing innovative methods, as well as through intercultural education and diverse university life. The University ensures upbringing a generation with democratic values that will be competitive at the local and international labor markets.


  1. Medicine, MBBS, (5+1 years)
    Fees: $ 5000 per year
  2. Dentistry,BDS , (5 years)
    Fees: $ 4500 year 1 and $4200 for consecutive years
  3. Bachelor’s in business administration (BBA – 4 years)
    Fees: $ 4000 year 1 and $3000 for consecutive years)
  4. Master’s in international marketing (MBA – 2 years)
    Fees: $ 4000 year 1 and $3000 for consecutive years)

Accommodation + Food : $250 Monthly

WHY Caucasus?

  1. Research & practice-oriented teaching based on international standards
  2. CIS is a 22-year-old university with campus spread over 15000 sq. meters
  3. The fees to study MBBS in Georgia are reasonable without compromising on quality
  4. Dynamic Student Life
  5. Currently CIS has 4000 students with over 600 international students
  6. Highly qualified academic staff with practical experience
  7. Integrating with international educational sphere is one of the priorities of the university.
  8. The medium of instruction is English, and students are from Asia & Europe
  9. Georgia as beautiful landscapes and 4 seasons like the Indian subcontinent
  10. CIU Career development center facilitates graduates’ employment at CIU, Government & Non-government structures
  11. MBBS in Georgia is recognized by Medical Council of India and World Health Organization (WHO)
  12. Travel expenses and cost of living is affordable in Georgia
  13. Georgia is one of the safest countries in the world
  14. Well-equipped hostel for international students
  15. Scholarships & Exchange Programs are available
  16. The university strives at engaging each student at cultural, recreational and sport life alongside giving professional knowledge; therefore, sports sections, studios of painting, folk dances and singing, theatre company, and a musical band are functioning at CIU.
  17. The university constantly strives at developing and improving the scholarly potential of the academic staff and students.
  18. The university places emphasis on specialties focusing on success and employment.


  1. 36% of the country territory is 1500m above the sea level.
  2. Georgia is rich in water resources. There are more than 850 lakes in Georgia.
  3. The official language of the country is Georgian, however Russian and English are also widely spoken.
  4. Georgia is one of the oldest wine producing regions of the world
  5. Georgian script has a unique influence of Greek and Iranian languages
  6. Georgia – one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world
  7. Georgia is a top destination for snowboarding and skiing
  8. Georgia is the 7th cheapest country in the world in terms of cost of living
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