CL Educate India enables individuals to realize their potential and make their career dreams come true. Their core ideology is firmly grounded on academic excellence, technological innovation, and domain expertise.

CL Educate focuses on diverse segments of education, and caters to learners from multiple age-groups. Led by a team of highly qualified professionals, with a passion for excellence in education, they have shaped the lives and careers of innumerable students over the 20+ years of its existence.

Over the years, the CL brand has diversified and established itself as a recognized name in the education sector across a broad spectrum of segments, including test preparation and vocational training. They have 200 test-prep centers spread across 100 cities in India.

Worldwide Academia Industry Network (WAIN)

WAIN, officially launched in 2016, is an initiative launched by CL Educate Limited, Asia’s largest Edu corporate to bring together a host of stakeholders who play a crucial role in creating a fertile innovation ecosystem. The platform provides opportunities of corporate sponsored open research in institutes, corporate funded research scholarships, for spotting application-oriented skilled talent and promoting transferable knowledge from academia to industry. already has over 13,000 innovators including students and faculty working on over 3400 innovations. These come from top government as well as leading private universities with significant corporate support through CSR and research budgets. About 25 out of these innovations are at the fundraising stage.
The objective of WAIN Platform is to provide interlinked opportunities to both Academic Institutions and Companies to work together in areas such as ‘Research and Innovation’, ‘Academia-Industry Development Programs’ and create an innovation ecosystem. CL Educate aims ‘A Million Innovators’ program along with the WAIN platform, with the aim to create a real time collaboration between industry and institutions in research and innovation.

MELTINGPOT2020 Innovation SUMMIT 2018

The MeltingPot Innovation Summit spearheaded by CL Educate India is an initiative to create a platform to facilitate dialogue between leaders from the corporate and R&D world and key decision makers from the education sector. It is the first of its kind innovation and research focused summit in UAE enabling collaboration, networking and knowledge share between the various stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem. It is an endeavour to catalyze the transformation of the region into a global innovation hub.


· Arch Khalifa A Aljaziri, Group Managing Director, SMART IOT
· Dr. Yousef Al Assaf, President, Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai
· Mr. Ghanim Al-Falasi, Senior Vice President, People Happiness & Innovation, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority

Start Time

9:00 am

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Finish Time

3:00 pm

Thursday, May 3, 2018



Event Participants

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