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HigherEducation.AE is an online portal for students across the globe to search and apply to the right universities in the UAE & more. We offer a full 360 degree solution to students by helping them choose the right university in the UAE & other destinations. We also offer products and services that caters to educational institutions.
We are located in Cluster C, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai.
We provide guidance to the students in choosing the right university for themselves. Our team of admission advisors have more than 20 year of experience in helping students from across different nationalities and cultures to choose their right career path.

We work with most universities located in UAE & select universities in Europe, Canada & USA.

We offer prospective students a search option through which they can find universities based on the level of courses offered (Bachelors/Masters/PG Diplomas/PhD) or location of the institute.

Visit HigherEducation.AE, search for the course you are looking for in the search bar and press search. You will find the list of all higher education institutes which are offering the programs you are interested in. If you need further assistance, speak to our admissions counsellor. For an appointment email at [email protected]

Our application process is very simple. Once you choose the university you are interested in, send us an email. An experienced admission counselor will get in touch with you.

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We will keep you updated with all the latest news and updates of the higher education industry. We will let you know of the latest courses being offered & scholarship opportunities.

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    Terms and Conditions of Registration

    The institutional representative completing this registration form accepts that s/he has the authority to confirm participation in this event on behalf of the institution, and that the institution is thereby bound by the terms and conditions of this registration.
    Payment for the Tour is due within two weeks of the date of registration. This will be clearly displayed on the invoice sent to the representative’s email address provided upon registration.
    Participation on this Tour is assumed as one representative per institution. Should the institution be interested in bringing (an) additional representative(s), this should be communicated with their INTCAS point-of-contact, who will advise as to additional costs and logistical arrangements.
    The exhibiting institution will be liable for any additional costs incurred by INTCAS, should the institution change the name/details of its attending representative(s).
    INTCAS will promote the participation of exhibiting institutions prior to the Tour, using institutional-approved content as displayed within the INTCAS platform. Any specific requests related to the promotion of an exhibiting institution should be communicated to the representative’s INTCAS point-of-contact.
    Attending representatives accept that INTCAS may capture photos and record videos of the Tour, and consent to these photos and videos being used by INTCAS for its own promotional purposes via publicly accessed platforms, applications and websites.
    Exhibiting institutions accept that INTCAS is not liable for any damage, loss, harm or injury experienced by the institution and its representative(s), beyond INTCAS’ reasonable control.
    Exhibiting institutions accept that INTCAS may – in the best interests of the Tour – make last-minute changes to the Tour’s schedule, logistical arrangements, visited schools, etc. Any such changes will be communicated to attending representatives at the earliest possibility.
    Exhibiting institutions accept that INTCAS shall not be liable for any delays or failures in performance resulting from acts beyond its reasonable control, including consequences of circumstances of Force Majeure.

    Cancellation Policy
    By completing this registration form, the institution agrees to the following cancellation policy:
    - If notice of cancellation is received more than two months prior to event commencement, a full refund will be provided, or if unpaid the invoice will be cancelled.
    - If notice of cancellation is received between one and two months prior to event commencement, a 50% refund will be provided, or if unpaid 50% of the invoice amount will be due.
    - If notice of cancellation is received less than one month prior to event commencement, a refund will not be provided, or if unpaid the full invoice amount will be due. INTCAS will offer representation by way of a dedicated INTCAS counsellor at the institution’s table throughout the tour at no additional cost.
    The date of cancellation is deemed as the date on which the emailed notice of cancellation is received at [email protected]

    By submitting this registration you agree to these terms and conditions of participation.