Knimbus is a cloud-based Digital Library platform enabling institutions migrate online the complete learning and research workflow of their students, faculty and researchers. The Knimbus platform offers powerful and easy to use tools for Customization, Content curation, User management and Analytics without any need of IT support for hosting or integration.

Using the Knimbus platform, build your institutional digital library in minutes and bring your entire institutional digital knowledge holdings on a single platform for anywhere, anytime access on any device. Curated open access full text content like journals, eBooks, online courses, presentations and videos can be added easily to your Digital Library to increase content availability for the library users.

A complete Digital Library would consist of:

  • Single point access of all the content available in library
  • A branded library microsite and mobile application
  • Curation tools and a smart framework for building your Institutional Repository
  • User Management and Analytics
  • Easy to use Remote access solution for 24×7, anywhere full text availability
  • Optional availability of Personalized Learning tool to build online courses and assessments using the digital content available in the library
  • Easy integration to third party platforms for Authoring, Plagiarism checking and more for seamless user access and analytics
  • A-Z listing of all resource and MORE
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