Website listing & Social Media Marketing

We only feature 4 universities in our homepage and publish the news and PR in the news section. The specific university enquiries are first qualified by our tele-calling team and then shared with the universities. Study in UAE campaign is run throughout the year retaining talented students with UAE and attracting international students from across the globe. For our listed universities, we conduct interviews of senior management, create blogs, advertise job posting for Internship opportunities & saff recruitment and create and upload videos to capture student attention and interest & promote them on our social media platforms

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Lead Generation & Digital Marketing

57% students made their higher education decision using internet only i.e. using a search platform, social media pages, virtual tours and a skype interview. In this digital era, every university is trying to engage prospective students and keeping their cost under control. Digital Marketing allows universities to capture the interest of students and parents by running targeted campaigns.

HigherEducation.AE helps university with their digital marketing strategy. With an expert team of SEO, SEM and SMM professionals we break down what any university is doing and find out if with the help of our experts, we can create a strategy which will help the university reach their prospective students.

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Pakistan Students Outreach

With 65% of Pakistan’s 220 million population being youth between the age of 17-30, Pakistan is a very good market for UAE universities looking for prospective students. We will have a dedicated admissions counsellor, who will be visiting schools and attending events throughout the year to attract leads for enrollment and convert them into applications. Our proposal is to target not only the major cities but also look at the tier 2 cities, which will have more potential. A monthly activity report will be submitted on the proposed plan, activities and leads gathered and applications received.

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GCC Schools Outreach

We work closely with 350+ schools in the GCC region on various initiatives. We communicate university information to school principals’ counsellors in the region. We also organise school events like full scale town halls for students, parents, higher secondary teachers, counsellors and principals. We run campaigns to inform all constituents on partner university program, benefits, eligibility, application process We keep schools informed about university events such a open houses, interschool competitions, counselors meet & workshops.

Agents Outreach & Management

HigherEducation.AE helps universities in shortlisting productive student recruitment agencies from across the globe. This is essential for any university’s international student recruitment strategy. Agent training and consultancy (to build agents and secure producing agent contracts for universities)

PROVIDE immersive customizable support to make the recruitment process as easy as can be.

REDUCE significantly, your time to connect with your targets, automate processes to improve service quality and analyse every action taken from first contact to enrolment.

ELIMINATE your workload and assure a fool proof and risk-free way of attracting quality students.

ACHIEVE international targets, so your institution can concentrate more on research and education.

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International Education Events

Throughout the year, our student recruitment experts attend international events to generate leads and applications for our partner institutes. For the academic year 2018-19 we will be attending events in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Korea, Kenya, Nigeria, Mauritius, Indonesia and many others.

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University Events Management

We are equipped to manage conceptualization and execution of your events as well as well as marketing the event, generate leads and get audience and footfall. We will ensure that the events organized by us will be rich in content and will let you showcase your unique programs to the aspiring students and parents communities in the region. We recently organized a very successful an Innovation Summit for CL Educate India at RIT Dubai in May 2018. Some of the events we can manage end to end for universities are International & local student recruitment events such as Masterclass, Inter school competitions, Summer Schools, student exchanges etc.

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