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Study in UAE- Is it Really Worth it?

The UAE is dynamic and exciting, best known for its diversity, hospitality, political stability, posh cities. It is also known for its hospitality that the world pales in comparison to. The people of the UAE are more than happy to accept a person and exchange their cultural views with one other. Parents can be at ease to send their children to the universities of the UAE as it is considered to be the topmost safe place in the world to be. We all know how mundane life can be if all we do is study round the clock. To prevent such from happening, the region harbours some of the best places to blow off steam for young and
energetic people, such as :

  • The variety of food ingredients and restaurants available for the public that represent various cultures of the world.
  • Having an immersive experience with life underwater.
  • Or experiencing multiple cultures of the world in a night.

There’s a general sense of pressure amongst international students due to the expiration date of their visas in accordance with the courses they take hence failure or being sick is not an option. But to ease this pressure, the UAE has decided to reward students who perform exceptionally well with a 10-year residency visa while other students can avail the 5-year visa. Most of us worry about where we end up after we graduate.

  • Will we Succeed?
  • Will we get a job?
  • Is there any job security in the country I work in?

Those who study in UAE are fortunate enough not to worry about such scenarios.

Anyone can go anywhere in the world, but recently educational institutions in the Emirates have been establishing a name for themselves. If you’ve just got out of a college, now’s the perfect time to search for universities to apply to. It’s a difficult decision to choose your preferred university amongst the diverse options available in the UAE. Choosing a university all depends on a student’s preference, and it depends on factors such as Tuition Fees, the programs it has to offer, the qualifications of the faculty, etc. It is true that foreign students might fancy those universities that have a lower Tuition Fees, but they do keep an eye out for the universities that are recognized globally. Students all around the globe aspire and dream to study in such universities. There is a wide range of well-recognized universities, and all you’ve got to do is choose the best universities in UAE that best cater to your needs.

best universities in UAE

Diverse Options to Choose From:

Educational institutes currently operating in the UAE have been experiencing an increase in their reputation and improvement in their educational methods. However, these are still fresh and it’ll take a while for them to cater students the same way other international universities do. One of the greatest perks of studying here is the fact that the experience is going to be entirely new and exciting. We have chosen 2 universities that we believe are the top universities in the UAE as per now. Let’s begin by explaining a little about them.

  • United Arab Emirates University:
  • The United Arab Emirates University is also another leading university present in the UAE. It’s also situated in the small city of Al-Ain. The UAEU currently has about 14,000 students, both international and domestic, enrolled. The university itself has six other smaller campuses establishes as well. The United Arab Emirates University is also currently working for the welfare of the country and has also established research centers and institutes that are of strategic importance to the country itself. UAEU also has some of its programs and degrees recognized on an international scale. The UAEU Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs in the following 9 colleges:

    1. College of Business and Economics
    2. College of Education
    3. College of Engineering
    4. College of Food and Agriculture
    5. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    6. College of Information Technology
    7. College of Law
    8. College of Medicine and Health Sciences
    9. College of Science

    In addition to Graduate and Undergraduate Programs, the UAEU also conducts education courses and also hosts the Emirates Health Services, and that polishes one’s medical skills as a result.

Choosing a University Made Easier:

Universities throughout the Emirates, either well renowned or those with a low reputation, hold multiple education events in Dubai throughout the year. The main purpose of such events is to target students and to inform them about the benefits of studying in their universities and a general idea of what perks and programs they have to offer. Attending such an event can be considered important as students can get to know what would be a better option for them. These events have university options for them either within the country of their stay or abroad. Apart from university options, different other activities are also held and their main goal is to provide knowledge and experience to students.

Honorable Mentions:

The universities mentioned above are believed to be the best universities currently operating on Emirati soil as per now, but we’ve got another slice as well. Apart from those, there are quite a few well-reputed universities in the game right now too, and those are mentioned below. Get to know what makes them so special.

  • University of Sharjah:

    The University of Sharjah is another well-renowned university on our list. It is a private national university, established in 1997, situated in the heart of Sharjah. The university takes pride in establishing itself as a major international learning institute and promote respect of people of other races and culture. UoS employs well-renowned faculty from around the globe and excels in hosting a large number of international students too. The total enrollment in the 2018 Spring Semester was roughly 14,756 students, amongst which 12,864 were undergraduate students, 1226 were postgraduate students, and 666 worked for their diploma. The University of Sharjah offers the largest number of programs in a university throughout the UAE. It offers a total of 80 programs that include:

    1. 54 Bachelor’s Degrees
    2. 23 Master’s Degrees
    3. 11 Ph.D. Degrees
    4. 15 Diploma Degrees

    It is to be noted that the university is fully licensed and all of its programs are fully accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in the UAE. The University of Sharjah strives hard in order to maintain its affiliation with different well-reputed international universities and ensures that the education they provide meets international standards. Cooperation agreements have been signed with multiple universities in countries such as USA, Canada, Italy, France, Japan and a lot of other well-developed countries.

  • Abu Dhabi University:

    The Abu Dhabi University is the largest private university established in 2003 with campuses in different cities such as Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain and Dubai. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs based on the American model of higher education. The programs this university offers are fully accredited. These include:

    1. College of Arts and Sciences
    2. College of Business
    3. College of Engineering
    4. College of Law
    5. Academic Programs for Military Colleges

    Abu Dhabi University strives on becoming one of a kind university throughout the region. Even though it’s still fresh, it is recognized as a world-class university that excels in teaching, student experience, and corporate education. ADU holds international accreditation for the university as a whole too.

Get to Know About Us:

We are an organization that specializes in providing higher education services in Dubai. Our mission is to provide high-quality educational services throughout the Emirates. We’ve been working hard to establish ourselves as leaders and set examples of excellence in the educational service field. Furthermore, HE offers consultation services to different educational institutes with market entry strategies, licensing and accreditations too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. Why study in UAE?
    A. Universities in the Emirates have been on the rise for quite a while now and are dedicated to providing you with international grade education.
    Q. Which are the best Universities in UAE?
    A. Our top picks have been mentioned above, but it’s not possible those might cater to your needs. You need to end up choosing that university that suits you best.
    Q. Do Emirati Universities offer free courses?
    A. Universities do not offer any free courses unless it’s a scholarship.
    Q. Do universities provide residence?
    A. Emirati universities provide hostel accommodation services. A student has the choice of either choosing between hostels or renting private accommodation.
    Q. How to get a scholarship to study in UAE?
    A. Emirati universities will provide you with different scholarships based on your skills and qualifications.
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